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We love receiving you at ARDOKA SAGARDOTEGIA.

We wish you enjoy your moment.

We are in Hondarribia.

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Table set!




It is our philosophy to offer good local cuisine,  market food, in an open urban space, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ardoka Sagardotegia has three different spaces inside, in addition to the terrace at the entrance, outside,  and a large patio at the back of the premises, as an interior terrace, which transports you to the countryside.

The Cider House Space gives its name to the place. Its typical elongated tables define it. You can enjoy traditional dishes such as cod omelette, chop cut into strips.  The round tables delimit the ASADOR area, and at the square tables you can taste delicious half portions, as of tapas and pintxos.

In addition to cider, we have a cellar and a wide variety of wines inside. You will have where to choose well.

You can also taste our delicious €25 menu. It consists of two starters and a second; apart from dessert and drink.

Opening times: 

Tuesday - Sunday: 11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Monday closed for weekly rest.



Tradition and modernity

Flambéed prawns

Tasty pintxos

Delicious half portions


Contact Tel. +34 943277440
By email:
Address: Bidasoa Ibilbidea, 19. Ground floor. Hondarribia
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